1 Main Material to Avoid For the Floor of Your Chicken Coop (And What to Use Instead)

Hen coops are the most highly-priced initial expense in backyard rooster retaining. There are plenty of inventive ways to decrease the sticker rate by developing your possess. Hen coops can be as unique and different as their homeowners, from traditional purple barn designs to retro funk to sleek modern day chicken tractors. But some components are not suited for trying to keep these great birds, and particle board is one of them.

Particle board (also identified as chip board) is built up of wooden chips and observed dust held jointly with a massive amount of glue and then compressed into slabs. It is more cost-effective and lighter than plywood, which will make it tempting to use in a hen coop. Nevertheless, it has two large negatives.

A person major difficulty is that particle board soaks up dampness until it is coated with some significant paint or sealer. Everyone who has place a glass on a low cost desk and uncovered an instantaneous ring on the “wooden complete” wallpaper-like masking of particle board appreciates what I suggest. Rooster poop is incredibly moist. Constant exposure to droppings will make particle board warp, discolor and most likely disintegrate.

Which delivers up trouble number two. Chickens have a superior respiratory price, and are really shut to the floor. Air high-quality is extremely vital to maintaining them wholesome. Considering the fact that particle board is produced up partially of sawdust and glue, when it comes apart all those can get kicked into the air and finish up in the chicken’s lungs. If you use good bedding, this is much less possible to happen, but why consider the prospect? Specially when you can quickly avoid the prospective in the very first location?

So what can you use? A well-known choice is putting your coop on bare earth. This can get mucky, and is a little significantly less protected from floor predators than other possibilities. A next action up, is to elevate your rooster coop off the ground applying wooden. “Repurposed” wooden can contain table tops, doors, or scraps from any community lumberyard.

You can also use plywood. Plywood is equivalent to particle wood in that it is layers of wooden. Having said that the wooden is in sheets and the sheets are glued at right angles to every single other, it is less very likely to warp and the leading surface is straight wooden. Another solution is to use any type of board and address it with linoleum. This will make the surface area a lot easier to clean.

The most highly-priced selection is concrete. Concrete has the edge of staying extensive long lasting and simple to clear. It also is more challenging for predators to penetrate – you will find no burrowing by way of nicely laid cement.

Annisa Rizka

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