How Cleaning Your Home Can Reduce Anxiety

We all know that our environment can have a profound effect on us.

A cluttered, messy space can be an indication of stress and a lack of time. A clean, clear, and fresh space can instantly feel more positive and productive.

In modern life, we are busier than ever. Demands now range from balancing work and family life, to staying in shape, and even keeping up appearances on social media. All of this can have an impact on our stress levels, and research shows that our anxiety levels are rising.

Anxiety is a state of feeling constantly tense, under pressure or overwhelmed. It can require professional treatment, or be something that we can start to reduce ourselves.

Cleaning and refreshing our environment can be a great step towards both physical and mental health – read on to discover how cleaning could help alleviate your anxiety!

It Can Be An Act of Love

Expressing love and gratitude has proven effects on wellbeing. We may think that these would have to be grand gestures, but appreciating the small things is even more important.

Cleaning can reduce your anxiety by being an act of love and self-care – some time to yourself, for yourself, to make your space the best it can be.

It is a way of showing respect and gratitude to the home you are in, and also a form of care for a partner, loved ones, or whoever may live with you.

Cleaning is anxiety-inducing only when it feels like an overwhelming chore. If we change our attitude, and see it as an act of love and gratitude, we can immediately enjoy it more.

It’s Great Exercise

Staying active is a vital aspect of general health. It tones our body, burns calories ( up to 100 every half hour! ), and releases stress. But it doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym. Moving your body can involve a walk outdoors with friends, a bike ride with a loved one, or giving the house a thorough clean!

In as little as twenty minutes of vigorous exercise a day, we can significantly increase our stamina.

This process can be adapted to suit however much time we have on our hands. It could be as much as a full spring clean when we have a day off. Or it can be as little as a small space in the home like a drawer, bookcase, or sink.

However much or little we do, if we do it with a little gusto we will be benefiting our health. So the next time you need to let off a little steam after a long working week, get the duster out!

It Keeps You Organised

Cleaning is not simply about keeping up appearances. While it may be true that a clean home is beautiful to look at, it has benefits far beyond that.

A clean and tidy home can save you time and stress by keeping you organised. You are no longer wasting time searching for things that should have a proper place. You are not sifting through dirty crockery or laundry to find what you need for the day.

Everything has a suitable place in the home, and this leads to feeling less fraught and overwhelmed.

Keeping things clean can also save you money in the long run too, as they are more likely to stay in good working order.

It Supports Your Immune System

Did you know that our carpets and home surfaces can harbour some nasty bugs? From common, relatively harmless germs to the dreaded MRSA, we tread all sorts of bacteria back into our home.

The good news is that these can be easily eradicated. Regular cleaning, even for just a few minutes a day, can stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Places of ‘high traffic’ should be your top priority. This means where there is regular contact and use such as on kitchen surfaces, the bathroom, flooring, and anywhere we spend a lot of time.

Annisa Rizka

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