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Contemporary Rugs – For Every Room In Your Home

Adding a contemporary rug can instantly transform a room set, injecting colour and style. The harder edges of wood or stone flooring can be softened by the inclusion of warm colours and fabrics. Stark contrasts can be played out to vivid effect or the warm tones of furniture can be further accentuated.

Contemporary rugs can work wonders. A relatively inexpensive addition, they can form the focal point of a room or divide a room into separate and visually distinct areas. Rugs can effectively demarcate areas setting them aside for relaxation or delineate areas showing the flow or direction of a room.

They can be used to tie in different decor styles. Successfully merging the traditional with the modern, the old with the new. Artwork for floors, they can be given their own space to make bold statements or help to blend colours and finish a room. An expanse of carpeting in a room can be a little overwhelming. The subtle placement of rugs can help to soften this effect by breaking it up with changes in colour and texture.

If you decide to invest in a contemporary rug to form the focal point of a room, try to ensure that it is the key piece and it’s not competing for attention with upholstery or drapes. This will lead to confusion and upset the balance of the room as the mind tries to decide which piece to look at first, why and for how long.

Consideration must be given to the size of your rug. Too small and it will be lost in a room, too large and it will dominate it. Size the room, taking into account furniture items and naturally high footfall areas. If there is a natural route from one side of a room to another, decide whether your rug will cover that entire route or not impinge on it at all.

For The Entrance Hall

A contemporary rug in the entrance hall of your home is a great way to introduce character, style and colour, setting the tone for other parts of your home. You could adopt a colour or theme and extend or contrast this in the other rooms of your home.

This area of your home probably endures the highest footfall and it is therefore important that the rug you choose is hard wearing It is recommended that the rug be of a darker colour so as to disguise the high traffic patterns that are inevitable in this part of the house. Rugs with a smaller, tighter pile are easier to maintain and ideal for these higher footfall areas.

For The Living Room

Accent your room beautifully, bringing together the different aspects of your decor, with a contemporary rug in your living room. Working as a anchor, a rug can create little areas within larger ones for a cosier more intimate feel.

The place for family get-togethers and a gathering of friends, the living room is effectively the centre of the home. A contemporary rug in this room will lend to its feeling of comfort and warmth, making it the ideal place to entertain your guests.

The use of colour in this room is very effective. A lighter colour will give the impression of more space whereas a darker colour will help to create a cosier feel.

Most living room furniture is structured around a focal point of some kind, whether it be the television or a fireplace, a rug can help to further accentuate this focal point, effectively concentrating the attention in one particular area.

Rooms with hardwood flooring can really benefit from the addition of contemporary rugs. They bring with them a comfort and warmth, a splash of colour if required and they soften the hard-edged feel of rooms decorated in this manner, making them more user-friendly and less austere.

For The Dining Room

Even the starkest of dining areas can be instantly transformed with the introduction of a contemporary rug. Creating intimate dining areas, rugs can add colour and vibrancy bringing this area to life. The browns of your wooden dining room furniture can be contrasted with the colours in a lighter rug. Or you could choose to blend in the colours of your upholstery.

When choosing an under table rug for your dining room, roughly measure out where the chairs go when being used at leisure. In other words, where do they go during or after the cheese board? They will be further out, that’s for sure. Make sure your under-table rug extends at least as far as the rear legs of a chair at leisure. This will ensure that your guests are not unstable or uncomfortable and less likely to fall backwards. Avoid deep pile rugs in the dining room, tighter woven rugs are much easier to vacuum.

For The Bedroom

It is difficult to imagine anything nicer that waking up on a cold winters morning and sinking your feet into the thick pile of a plush rug, so much more welcoming than the cold of a wood or stone floor. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, the addition of deep pile rugs adds that little something in terms of luxury and also could add that splash of colour needed to finish off the decor.

In a room with very little footfall you can of course go for something a little more delicate. Softer, deep pile rugs are very popular in bedrooms and they are available to suit any colour scheme reflecting personality and taste. Most commonly placed at the side or the end of the bed to ensure that upon waking you alight upon its warmth and comfort, a bedroom rug can be seen as practical and functional as well as highly decorative.

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