Killing The Value of Your Property and The Deal

It is possible to boost the value of a home, but sometimes renovations can become a value killer. Homes that are consistent in style and finishes are typically worth more than those showcasing different influences. Residential appraisers often say a real value killer is a remodel that does not get finished.

The appeal of the house has to be consistent. It is possible to boost the value of an older home by keeping up the appearances. Appraisers have a system that takes in both age and maintenance, for example, C1 indicates the property is new. C2 means any age if recently renovated, C3 well maintained, C4 adequately maintained with minimal repairs, C5 livable but needs help and C6 severe defects.

If you have white appliances in your kitchen, it is not good for your home’s value to invest in a stainless dishwasher. It is highly recommendable that if you do renovate, do not get modern counters while you still have old appliances. It is best to do enough so the appraiser can categorize the changes as a new kitchen or an updated kitchen.

Neighbors do not have to be human to hurt your home’s value. A power plant, school or cemetery can reduce a property’s price. If you let the yard-art get out of hand or have too much Elvis going on, you have a value killer.

Homeowners often have to choose between an improvement that they would really love to have and one that would prove to be a better investment. If your home is on the market, or you would like to refinance, you can take steps to ensure that you receive credit for the improvements you are planning.

Advertisements of homes for sale often emphasize kitchen features such as Stainless Steel appliances, granite countertops and Travertine tile. This is a good guideline of current popular kitchen features and trends. Real estate agents advertise the features that they know are in demand. This is also a great guideline if you are planning on upgrading your kitchen.

The kitchen features that are currently in high demand include:

• Cabinetry: Maple is the most popular currently. It used to be Cherry cabinetry, but was overtaken by Maple this year.

• Popular colors for kitchens are gray and beige.

• Contemporary design style is not so popular anymore. Shaker style is now the new trend.

• Granite and quartz counter tops are still the most popular kitchen feature and remain the number-one choice.

• LED energy-efficient lighting is the most popular.

Top designers often recommend refacing cabinets instead of replacing it is in. This is cheaper and you can only change the cabinet doors, while the original cabinet structure remains the same. Hardwood floors are popular. The cheaper options for hardwood floors are engineered wood flooring made from plywood base with a real hardwood veneer.

Lights are essential kitchen features and are recommended for any well-designed kitchen. Lights can be installed in strategic places to create a soft mood.

Another hot trend for 2014 is commercial-style stoves and other useful built-in appliances. Stainless steel appliances continue to be the most popular in kitchens. Stainless steel appliances are in high demand and can add value and desirability to your home, but the upgrades should be consistent throughout the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances may do little to increase the value if the vinyl flooring dates back to 1960. A kitchen island is almost essential and the winner for most home buyers.

A new layer of interior paint in a neutral color can add value to a home. Get expert advice from your real estate agent before deciding on the color. Vinyl flooring is outdated. Try to get rid of the vinyl by replacing it with laminate flooring or ceramic tile. Home buyers also prefer granite counter tops above laminate countertops. Counter tops can be replaced by ceramic tile if granite counter tops are too expensive. A large window over the kitchen sink is also a good idea, if the space allows it.

Curb appeal is a very important aspect if you plan on selling your home. Painting the exterior of your home is always a good place to start improvements. Choose a color that matches the period of your home. You would like your home to make a good first impression. Pay attention to flaking paint and shutters hanging crooked. An attractive, manicured front-yard landscaping will add value to your home.

Some improvements might make the home more appealing, but it will not add significantly to the resale value. A large, expensive remodel, such as adding a second storey might not add value if the home is located in a neighborhood of small homes.

Create a well-designed living room with great ideas

You can set up an inviting living room atmosphere using your imagination. The living room is usually the first area that visitors will see, and it should make them feel at home. You can create a well-designed area with great ideas that will reflect your personality. New ideas will inspire you. We will take a look at space, color, furniture arrangement, lighting, windows, the fireplace, a centerpiece and how to accessorize.

The following ideas are easy and affordable

• Paint always does wonders to a room. Use warm and neutral colors for the living area. You can use bright colors, as long as it matches.

• Leave space for traffic in your living room.

• Furniture should be placed according to the space.

• Lighting is an important addition to highlight some areas. Dramatic lighting usually creates the most amazing atmosphere.

• A large window will allow a flow of natural light and provides a beautiful view of the garden.

• Decorate the fireplace.

• Invest in a beautiful painting or a large mirror.

• Add exciting ideas and details in your living room. Place paintings, vases and sculptures where it looks best.

• Place a bunch of fresh flowers on the coffee-table.

It is always a good idea to invest into more timeless vases, sculptures and lamps. Fashion trends are expensive and do not last long. Plan ahead before you spend money on paint or light fixtures.

The living room is the most popular area in a home. One has to be comfortable with the ideas since you will most likely be spending a lot of time in the room. Try to remain in touch with the style you would like in the living room.

If you plan on selling your home, make improvements before it goes to the market or before the real estate listing agent arrives. Try not to leave evidence that you are busy fixing broken tiles or windows. A potential buyer may not be able to visualize what the home will look like once it is finished.

What does your home look like from the outside? Remove untidy stuff that is in the yard. If the driveway is cracked, now is the time to fix it. Ensure the windows are all sparkling and do not forget the walls. Is your front door clean or does it need a coat of paint or wood protection?

First impressions are important, and the potential buyer will ring the bell and have time to look around. It is a good idea to ensure that all the outside lights are working, as the buyer may come and view the house after hours. If there is a pool, it should be sparkling clean.

When the buyer enters the home, you want the person to see a neat and clean interior. Ensure the carpets and floors are spotless. Untidy stuff needs to be removed. It is important that your home smells fresh and clean. Bad odors will definitely kill the deal.

Cluttered rooms appear smaller. Remove all the clutter in the bedrooms. Ensure closets are organized and clean. Clean your kitchen from top to bottom. All appliances should be shining clean. Clean your bathrooms, scrub sinks, tub and toilets. Clean the mirrors, cupboard handles and light switch plates.

Some sellers forget to clean the basements and garages. Use cleaning solutions to remove stains from the floor. Once you removed all the clutter, washed and cleaned your home from top to bottom and from inside to the outside, your home is ready for show time.

Annisa Rizka

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