An inventive no cost spirit enjoys coloration and texture and enjoys the energies of treasures gathered all through a lifetime of travels. Bohemian decor produces a synergistic space that celebrates an eclectic world-wide aptitude. Embracing color, world-wide cultures and building a vivid and lively decor gives my home a existence, […]

Bohemian eclectic decor is an distinctive personalized assertion deriving inspiration from a wide range of cultures and a wide spectrum of classic spaces. A curated place that is based purely on genuine imagination that is familiar with no boundaries and seeks no approval is certainly eclectic boho model. Antiques and […]

Handmade, handwoven or handloom fabrics are good for Mother Earth, our climate and for the people – Hand weaving is an old traditional skill that has been passed down through generations. Using wooden looms and natural threads to create pieces of art inspired by culture and nature, the artistry and […]

Connecting to India’s lifestyle and heritage, Indian interiors are centered all-around hand carved home furniture, ornately carved doorways with standard motifs and richly embroidered textiles. Your gateway to the exotic entire world of coloration and previous phrase allure, Indian antiques and art have the electricity of wonderful traditions encouraging prosperity […]

Gone were those days when people lived in houses with just white painted walls, regular bulbs, and marriage and family photos in standardized photo frames. The trend today is to have ‘live walls’ that can talk for themselves. Each one having its own identity and narrating its own story! Folks […]