Choosing A Curtain Rod To Compliment Your Decor

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to interior design. From choosing a theme like minimalist or Victorian to creating something more eclectic, furniture and lighting are obvious necessities but some underestimate the power of window treatments. Curtains and sheers are used for both practical and aesthetic purposes, read on to determine how to make the best selection for your space.

Function First

Although the primary goal of every final touch is to compliment your desired look, the unchanging details regarding your room’s layout should be addressed before anything else. When planning to shop for curtain rods, consider the purpose of your window treatment and the specifics of each window. Ask yourself questions like “Where is the window located?”, ” How much light travels through the window during the course of the day?”, and “What size is the area I need to cover?”

The location of the window will determine the type of curtains you’re able to hang. Delicate sheers aren’t ideal in high traffic areas. Windows that are close to the ceiling may need ceiling rods, whereas lower windows are fine with traditional wall hangings.

If you’re trying to dim the noon sun in your living room, you may opt to purchase heavy duty “blackout” curtains which require stronger rods. If you adore the natural light that brightens up your home, you may prefer a more decorative curtain rod that enhances your decor.

Of all the questions to ask, the size of your window is the most important. Visually appealing rods aren’t as appealing or effective if they’re too short to cover the entire window’s span. It’s important to shop with accurate measurements. Ideally, you’ll be able to select an adjustable curtain rod that can expand larger than your window just in case your measurements fall short. About 10-20cm longer than your window is the usual rule of thumb.


There’s no hard and fast rule for selecting an appropriate style of curtain rod. This usually falls within a matter of preference. You’ll find a wide variety of curtain rods from stainless steel to solid wood and even granite. Aside from your design ideas, budget will also be a deciding factor. If you’re forced to choose a more economical option such as stainless steel, you can upgrade the appearance of your window treatment by adding a more intricate finial.

Options are vastly diversified. You can select from vintage antiques to modern crystal finials. Hard tones such as bronze and iron are versatile options that blend well and will last even if you later decide to change your decor.

Overall, your curtain rods are a unique opportunity to solidify your decor while protecting the investment you made in curtains, sheers, and other window treatments such as valances and blinds. Before making a decision, it’s best to have an idea, take design ideas from home interior websites and magazines then recreate the look according to your needs. Completing your design doesn’t have to be difficult project, with a bit of due diligence, you’re bound to find the perfect curtain rod.

Annisa Rizka

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